Lindsay Ragle-Miller- PhD Student at UNC-Chapel Hill, Teaching Fellow for ENGL 105

Lindsay Ragle-Miller

Phd Student in English and Comparative Literature at UNC-Chapel Hill

I am currently a third-year PhD student at the University of North-Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I teach ENGL 105, the introductory composition course. In research, I am interested in Medieval Studies, particularly through the lenses of Disability Studies, Food Studies, and Queer Studies.

I earned my BA in English with Teacher’s Certification from Eastern Illinois University in 2009. Even then, I was interested in Medieval Studies, as I was one of the first students to earn an interdisciplinary minor in Medieval Studies. I taught high school English and Special Education for six years before returning to college to work on my MA.

During my MA at Wayne State University, I continued my study of medieval literature, working closely with the resident medievalist Hilary Fox. My master’s thesis, “’I Can So Just Sit Here and Cry’: Depression, Melancholy, and Acedia in John Gower’s Confessio Amantis,” explored the connections between mental disability and medical treatment in Confessio Amantis. I also presented at several conferences, the details of which are available on the CV page.

While at Wayne State, I took several classes in early modern literature, focusing on Queer Theory, with Dr. Simone Chess. During two semesters, our class worked together to create “The Woman Warrior Project” website, a digital collection of Diane Dugaw’s thesis that collected and cataloged ballads about Women Warriors in the early modern period.